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Hampton Rubber Company is proud of maintaining connections with the top-line brands in the industry.

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Campbell Fittings

Every ferrule, sleeve, fitting and coupling Campbell makes is designed to mate as an integrated attachment system. Campbell fittings provides us easy procedures for selecting safe, appropriate products and crimp specifications for your industrial application.

  • Water Suction/Discharge
  • Sewage Bypass
  • Chemical
  • Liquid
  • Bulk Handling
  • Multi-purpose fluid
  • Clamps fit hoses tightly without cracking, eliminating costly rework.
  • Field repairable.
  • Low pressure air, water
  • Long lead serration for easier hose insertion

Continental ContiTech

As the globe’s leading specialist for rubber and plastics technology Continental ContiTech are at home in the growth markets of this world.

  • Chemical and Refueling Hoses
  • Food & Beverage Hoses
  • Water Hoses
  • Steam and Cleaning Hoses
  • Compressed Air Hoses
  • Autogenous Hoses
  • Multipurpose Hoses
  • Construction and Transport Hoses
  • Hoses for the Mining Industry
  • Railway Hoses


Hampton Rubber Company expertly represents DIXON® brand hose fittings and related accessories spanning an incredible range of industrial uses such as steam, air, water, oil, dry bulk and chemical transfer.

  • Water Transfer
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Protect Hose Assemblies
  • Blast Furnace
  • Caster
  • Air Systems
  • Water Systems
  • Nitrogen Systems
  • Pneumatic Impact Tools
  • Oil Rigs
aeroquip distributors, aeroquip hose distributors

Eaton/Aeroquip Hose Distributor

When you work with Eaton, you can count on a comprehensive range of products that are designed for harsh and hazardous operating environments that are part of the day-to-day requirements of your industry. Eaton delivers safe and reliable products to help sustain mission-critical systems working every hour of every day.

  • Air Transfer
  • Cement Transfer/Placement
  • Food Transfer
  • Beverage Dispensing
  • Washdown Applications
  • LPG Transfer
  • Nitrogen Transfer
  • Hot Air Blower
  • Dry Material & Bulk Transfer
  • Mud Suction & Discharge


Flexaust has manufactured the most durable, long lasting, flexible hose and flexible ducting products for industrial and commercial applications for 75 years. Their flexible hoses and ducting are used in applications involving air, dust collection, fume removal, lightweight material handling, severe service, high temperature hose applications, lawn & leaf vacuum and commercial vacuum applications

  • A/C Ventilation
  • Abrasion Resistant Applications
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Aircraft
  • Bilge Pumping
  • Brake Ducting
  • Cement Drying
  • HVAC
  • Mining

Ideal Clamps

The IDEAL family of companies provides the most efficient, reliable and high-performance products on the market for everything from installation to testing & maintenance to environmental testing for the goods-producing sectors of the global economy, including agriculture, construction, forestry, fisheries and manufacturing.

  • Construction
  • Power
  • Electrical
  • Safety, Health & Environment
  • Networks
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Alternative Energy

PT Coupling

PT Coupling manufactures and distributes American made quick connect/disconnect couplings and replacement parts for the Petroleum, Industrial, Chemical and Food Grade markets.

  • Cam & Groove Couplings
  • Petroleum Handling Couplings
  • Hose Retention System
  • Hose Clamps & Banding
  • Locking Cam Arms
  • Swivel Couplings
  • Hose Assembly Tools
  • Polypropylene Fittings
  • Nylon Fittings
  • Industrial Hose Fittings
select brands distributor, OPW


Recognized around the world as the industry standard in fluid handling equipment, OPW is revolutionizing fluid handling operations globally by optimizing safety, efficiency, reliability and environmental sustainability through innovative fluid handling and information management solutions.

  • Loading Arm Systems
  • Swivel Joints
  • Quick & Dry Disconnects
  • Process Products
  • Safety Breakaways
  • Railcar Products
  • Tank Truck Products
  • Below Ground Products
  • Above Ground Products
  • Electronic Systems
select brands distributor, SSP


SSP are a privately held domestic company with a distinctly personalized attitude. SSP is a company with deep technical expertise to support customer’s needs. Hampton Rubber Company shares in their goal to provide end users with the solutions they need.

  • Fittings
  • Valves
  • Tubing
  • Tools & Accessories
  • Quick Connects
  • FM Series Flexible Metal Hose
  • FML Series PTFE-Line Hose
  • Field Attachable Hose Fittings
  • Inline Filters
  • Tee-Type Filters
select brands distributor, Saint Gobain

SAIT-GOBAIN Performance Plastics

The world’s largest building materials company, Saint-Gobain has had its North American headquarters in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. Our official entry into the North American market came in 1967 with the establishment of a joint venture with CertainTeed Corporation. Today, Saint-Gobain has more than 265 locations across North America, with approximately 15,000 employees. In 2014, the company reported U.S. and Canadian sales of approximately $6.2 billion.

  • Adhesives
  • Bearings
  • Construction
  • Custom Products
  • Flexible Tubing
  • Sheathing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction — Commercial
  • Construction — Residential
  • Energy and Environment
select brands distributor, Super Swivels

Super Swivels

Super Swivels® was established in 1986 and is a leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic live swivels. Super Swivels are used in a wide variety of applications, i.e. hose reels, hydraulic log loaders, paint equipment, automatic car washes, wrecker trucks, horizontal directional drilling, machine tool indexers, hydraulic wheel motors, hot tar applicators, robotics, power line equipment, railroad equipment, and mining equipment, to mention a few.

  • Inline Swivels
  • 90 Degree Swivels
  • Dual Plane Swivels
  • High-Pressure Swivels
  • BSPP Swivels
  • Stainless Steel Swivels
  • Automatic Car Wash Industry Products
  • Seal Rebuilding Kits
  • Simplified Connections
  • Reduced Hose Twisting
select brands distributor, Reelcraft


Reelcraft products began as the Equipment Corporation, in Delta, Ohio and supplied hose reels to distributors. Reelcraft manufactures over twenty-five hundred models of hose, cord and cable reels, as diverse as heavy duty hose reels used in the light, medium, and heavy industry, automotive service and a wide variety of OEM applications.

  • Air Hose Reels
  • Water Hose Reels
  • Oil Hose Reels
  • Grease Hose Reels
  • Vacuum Hose Reels
  • Twin Hydraulic Hose Reels
  • Fuel / Gas Hose Reels
  • Grounding Reels
  • Chemical Delivery Reels
  • Cord & Cable Reels

Hampton Rubber Company proudly stocks and maintains close relationships with additional industry suppliers such as OPW, SSP, Saint-Gobain, Super Swivels, and Reelcraft