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View detailed product information immediately from a hose to fittings to gaskets as well as the latest STAMPED guidelines. Hampton Rubber Company’s literature and product catalog resources feature many high-performance product lines from brands you trust and provide useful product information such as photos, part numbers, specifications, and in many cases, application solutions. Our library of resources is designed to get customers the information they need when they need it. STAMPED guidelines, spec sheets, and capabilities brochures are updated: feel free to contact us to request further informational resources!

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Hampton Rubber Company -- STAMPED Resources

STAMPED, NAHAD, Hose Safety Institute

Hampton Rubber Company is a proud member of NAHAD, the National Association of Hose and Accessory Distributors.

NAHAD has created the correct methods of hose assembly which qualified distributors follow. This provides the safest hose assemblies available in the market today. Not all distributors are members and therefore may not be compliant in hose fabrication and testing.

Hampton Rubber Company also offers electronic tracking of hose assemblies. This allows customers to view on any internet connected PC, when their hoses were fabricated, tested, retested or repaired. It also facilitates removal from service of hoses that may be nearing the end of their expected life. Many customers will replace critical hoses on an annual basis which this program facilitates. Ask your Hampton Rubber Company Sales Representative for additional details or a demonstration.

NAHAD also has a website that goes into more detail about the programs that are available. Access to the assembly guidelines is limited to the authorized distributors but we will gladly accommodate your requirement and help you with any in-house hose fabrication you may be considering. Visit for some information on the benefits of this fine organization.

Hampton Rubber Company also offers plant wide safety inspections of hoses and couplings with recommendations on safe hose routing and protection. Please call 757-722-9818 to speak to a representative.

S: Size

The inside diameter, outside diameter and length of your hose assembly.

T: Temperature

The temperature range of the media being conveyed through the hose assembly. Temperature also includes the external working environment of the hose assembly.

A: Application

The specific conditions of use.

M: Media

The media or material being conveyed through the assembly.

P: Pressure

The pressures in which the assembly will be exposed to.

E: Ends

The proper fittings needed for the hose assembly, style, orientation and attachment methods are all important factors when choosing the proper ends for your hose assembly.

D: Delivery

Testing, packaging and delivery standards set by end user.